9 Things to Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs

Colleagues in business meeting

7. Merge Your Work Life and Personal Life

This is a difficult line to walk when running your own business. When you start out as an entrepreneur the line between work and home will be skewed. If you have a potential lead that you’re working on, go ahead and share a favorite pastime to catch them hook, line, and sinker. Taking a prospective business lead out for dinner or a game of golf can be a good way to socialize, while building them on your business. Some “corporate outings” can be written off as part of your taxes.

Make a schedule for when you need to take time away from your new business. On the weekends, take some time out to go see a movie, go shopping, or do a hobby. Taking a break from your new business, as an entrepreneur, can be a great way to recharge your batteries and approach a business task with a fresh perspective.